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Virtuoso. Raconteur. Architect. Warrior. Realist. Licensed to Kill.

Here, I own what I claim, nothing else.


Archie McKnight is a musical renaissance man who stands as a beacon of true artistry. A Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Engineer who comes from an impressive musically gifted family.  Archie has spent his life performing, creating and perfecting his music.  While touring the world and performing across the United States, Asia, Europe, and Africa, he learned what it means to be a professional performer/entertainer.  Archie’s music has no genre boundaries; while his sound stems from soulful roots, his "music to soothe you right" will take you thru Electrosoul to ThatNewCountryGroove.  

His Production team; C.A.T.S. (Care About The Sound), comprised of Niko McKnight and Tommy H and Archie, produces and writes everything from Rock, Urban, Country and Blues.  The team are multi-talented musicians with exceptional skills on piano and guitar, bass, drums and timpani. They released an album in 2012 under the name BRKN RBTZ and the hit single “Marry Your Daughter” which has over 52 million views on YouTube.  In 2012 Archie released “If We Survive”, an Electrosoul album comprised of 10 songs available on Bandcamp.

Archie’s music will invade your ears and please your soul!

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